5 ways BMW made the new 128ti hot hatch more fun than an M135i

Date Published: November 18, 2020

Here are 5 ways that make the BMW 128ti hot hatch more fun than the M135i

The chassis has had a serious re-work

The front diff and lightning-quick traction of the BMW 128ti has a different rear suspension and geometry design. The vehicle is set-up to maximise performance on the road, the stiffening beams under the body have been swapped out to compromise between an untwistable shell and to avoid understeer.

The 128ti doesn’t torque-steer like the M135i

The Bmw 128ti has been designed to minimize torque steer like the M135i. It only ever sends up to 50 percent of poke to the rear wheels when the computers sense the front wheels have loaded too much onto their plate at the BHP Buffet.

The problem is that from behind the steering wheel, you can feel all this happening. The steering wheel writhes around in your hands as the front axle tries to juggle the power, and then relaxes as it gives up and shares the burden with the back tyres.

It sounds a bit angrier

Any BMW fan will tell you that sound matters. The BMW 128ti has the power sound that drives Bimmer fans crazy. All fast BMWs use the speakers to boost up the engine noise. Even though all fast cars use this trick, the 128ti seems to have mastered the trick, bringing a louder, more powerful sound. 

All the red stitching

The interior of the 128ti was initially supposed to be completely disguised as the car’s not quite finished yet, but it’s a bit difficult to drive a car if all the controls are covered in a cloak.

So, BMW decided to add red stitching all over the interior of the 128ti.

The 128ti is a heck of a lot lighter

With a weight of 1445 kg, the 128ti is 80kg lighter than the M135i. This means that the power to weight ratio is very close.

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Why is BMW called BMW?

Date Published: November 12, 2020

BMW has managed to build a great reputation for performance, safety, and quality. Millions of people across the globe support BMW and believe that it is the no.1 premium automotive company. However, very few people know what BMW stands for, or why this automotive brand is called BMW.

Why is it called BMW

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, which in English, translates to Bavarian Motor Works. In German, the BMW acronym is pronounced differently. The German pronunciation is – “bae-em-vae”.

Bayerische Motoren Werke is not grammatically correct because Motorenwerke is a single word in German. BMW cars are also popularly known as “bimmers.”

Why is a BMW car also known as a Beemer?

The names Bimmer, Beemer or Beamer refer to BMW vehicles. Bimmer is the correct term for BMW cars, while Beemer and Beamer are the terms used for motorcycles.

BSA was one of the big motorcycle brands that existed when BMW emerged in the motorcycle industry. Since BSA motorcycles were popularly known as Beesers, BMW fans decided to call BMW motorcycles Beemers. Overtime, the spelling Beemer got mixed up as some people started using the term Beamer instead of Beemer.

BMW car enthusiasts wanted a new term to differentiate from motorcycles and came up with the term Bimmer.

What’s The Real Story Behind the BMW Logo?

The BMW logo was designed in 1917 and has made no major changes since then. The logo is a constant reminder of where BMW originated. The blue and white colors in the BMW logo were borrowed from the blue and white panels of the Bavarian flag. However, many people have a different idea of what inspired the BMW logo. 

Many people think the logo is a reference to the rotating airplane propeller, dating back to BMW’s days as an aircraft manufacturer. This is mainly because of a BMW advertisement published in 1920 using the BMW logo as a spinning propeller.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the MINI Cooper

Date Published: November 10, 2020

It’s easy to look at the general facts of a car and assume you know enough. However, there are a few interesting facts about the Mini Cooper that you didn’t know about.

1. The Mini Cooper did not change for 41 years

The design of the Mini Cooper was loved so much by the designer and the public, so much that the design of the Mini made no major changes for over 41 years. It is very uncommon for a car to stick to one design for so many years but, Alec Issigonis, the designer of the Mini Cooper insisted that this was the right move to make.

2. It was Originally owned by Rover group until BMW bought it

Rover Group, a British car manufacturer, was the original owner of the Mini. Mini Cooper was not always called Mini Cooper as the Rover group had originally named it ‘the Mini’. 

3. It inspired the mini skirt

Mary Quant was one of the iconic women who paved the way for the mini skirt to become one of the biggest trends to exist in the fashion industry. She took the idea from the ‘Mini’. She might not have been the one to come up with the original idea for the mini skirt, but she used this concept to boost her brand image.

4. David Bowie created a mirror plated mini

In 1999 a celebration was held at the Design museum in London to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original Mini. David Bowie was a participant in this celebration and he decided to have his Mini covered in reflective mirrors. David Bowie was one of the most influential musicians. His reason for choosing this design was based on the idea that cars are a part of their surroundings.

Anyone who laid eyes on the masterpiece would become a part of the vehicle itself as their own faces were reflected back at them in the mirrors.

5. The 2008 MINI Cooper Life Ball Is One-Of-A-Kind

This Mini Cooper was the only MINI Cooper of its kind. It was produced and created for a charity event. A company called Agent Provocateur assisted in the design before it was auctioned off online through eBay. The money that was made was used to help combat AIDs and HIV. The Mini Cooper was auctioned off at €45,000.

6. The largest official convoy ever formed involved 269 cars

The largest Mini Cooper convoy that was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records was in 2007. This event was The event was created by Vancouver MINI Club and they had a turnout of 269 cars.

7. The Original Mini Had Sliding Windows

Alec Issigonis, the designer of the Mini Cooper, decided to add sliding doors into the Mini Cooper to create more space. 

8. The Storage In The Doors Was Designed To Hold A Bottle Of Gordon's Gin

The extra space in the unique design of the sliding windows was created to hold a bottle of this specific gin. Alec Issigonis was clearly a big fan of Gordon’s Gin.

9. The World Record For How Many People Can Fit Inside Of It Is 28

The world record for the amount of people who can fit into a Mini Cooper is 28. This world record was achieved by a group of gymnasts from Sussex, England. Given how small a Mini Cooper is, it is no wonder why this world record is a big deal. 

10. The First Generation Had an Ashtray, instead of a Radio

The designer of “The Mini” was not only a fan or Gin but he was also a big smoker. Issigonis had a large Ashtray installed instead of a radio. It is very clear where his priorities were at the time.

The interesting facts mentioned above might not be life changing, but I’m sure most of us have learnt something new about the Mini Cooper.

Author: Omega Fumba