Where to take my BMW for repairs?

Date Published: December 22, 2020

Is there something wrong with your BMW?

Let us take care of it!

Over the lifespan of your vehicle, it will need to go through mechanical repairs. Due to the wearing and tearing of your car, there are parts that will need to be fixed or replaced.

Offering decades of experience, at 3 Service Centre we can give you peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. 

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Author: Omega Fumba

2020 Mini Cooper Hardtop 2 door vs 2020 Mini Cooper Hardtop 4 door

Date published: December 22, 2020

The Mini Cooper Hardtop is easily one of the most desirable Coopers. If you are planning on purchasing your next Mini, you might be wondering which model you will be taking home with you.

In this article, we compare the Mini Cooper Hardtop 2 door vs the Mini Cooper Hardtop 4 door.


The most obvious difference between the Mini Hardtop 2 Door and the Hardtop 4 Door is found in the exterior body. The two-door vehicle is smaller in it’s structure than the 4 Door. 

These models have a similar grille, comparable headlights, and almost identical hoods, roofs, and side panels. At the back of the car, the Hardtop 4 Door has more definition.


The Hardtop 2 Door and the Hardtop 4 Door are both available in Cooper and Cooper S trims. The Cooper trim for both MINI versions comes with an I-3, Twin Power Turbo 1.5-liter engine that generates 134 horsepower. 

In addition, the Cooper S also has the same powertrain between the two models, and this is a Twin Power Turbo I-4, a 2.0-liter engine that produces 189 horsepower. 

The Hardtop 2 Door is also available with a top-level John Cooper Works trim. This trim level draws 228 horsepower from its TwinPower Turbo I-4 engine.

Car features

The Mini Hardtop 2 door and the Hardtop 4 door share many similar features in interior design and style. This includes the circular port that holds the touch display screen. 

The two models share additional shared features that include Bluetooth connectivity, a heated steering wheel, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, an auto climate control system, and other gear.

The model of your choice might be influenced purely by your preference in car size. Given that these two models share many similar characteristics except the appearance of the exterior body.

Author: Omega Fumba

BMW’s first all-electric compact SUV

Date Published: December 14, 2020

BMW has unveiled a new electric vehicle called the iX. The iX is expected to go on sale in early 2022. This will be BMW’s first all-electric compact SUV.

The BMW offers an electric driving range of about 300 miles per charge.

The iX’s battery pack can be charged at a rate of 150kW, this means that it can go from 0 to 80 percent charge in about 34 minutes and can take on 100 kilometers (62 miles) of range in about 10 minutes.

BMW had released the i3 hatchback seven years ago when the mainstream Electric Vehicle market was still in its earliest stages. Since then, many car brands have stepped in launching different versions of electric cars. After 7 years BMW has returned to launch the iX.

Infotainment and Connectivity

A large 14.9-inch infotainment display combines with a 12.3-inch digital display to create the iX’s impressive dashboard design. 

The software allows you to customize menus and graphics. This car is expected to have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Other expected features are wireless smartphone charging capability and an on-board Wi-Fi hotspot. An 18-speaker Harman/Kardon stereo system is standard but BMW will also offer a 30-speaker Bowers & Wilkins setup as an option.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

BMW says the iX will offer around 500-hp combined from its two electric motors. BMW also claims it will go zero-to-60-mph in less than 5.0 seconds.

Author: Omega Fumba

Here is how the BMW Remote Diagnosis feature works

Date Published: December 9, 2020

Technology is constantly being integrated into modern cars. Modern cars are becoming more and more high-tech everyday, making our daily lives easier.

An example of this is the new BMW remote diagnosis feature, a new option introduced on cars fitted with iDrive 7 OS. If there is an error with your BMW, this can now be diagnosed from a distance.

How it works

If you have connected your BMW to the internet, a representative from BMW can remotely connect to your car and check for any faults and advise you on what to do.

Unlike back when your car would unexpectedly have an error, you would have to drive your car to the repair shop to connect it to a diagnosis tool to see what was wrong.

The BMW remote diagnosis is a convenient way of finding out if your BMW has an error. The BMW Remote Diagnosis helps you identify whether your car is still safe to drive.

Do I still have to go to the repair shop?

Yes, you still have to go to the repair shop to get your car repaired. However, the BMW remote diagnosis feature allows you to save time because the technician can pre-order the parts needed before you even get there.

 This way, the time that your precious car spends at the dealer is reduced and you can spend more time with your car!

Author: Omega Fumba

Mini Cooper rated one of the best small hatchbacks

Date Published: December 2, 2020

In discussing the best small hatchbacks, the Mini Cooper is bound to come up in conversation. The Mini Cooper is a vehicle that delivers retro style, charm, class and desirability.

With a range of models varying from a hardtop three- or five-door hatchback or a two-door convertible, every model features an upscale, comfy cabin if you’re willing to pay for it. There are two trim levels for each variation of the Mini Cooper, with the more expensive of the two equipped with a more powerful and more desirable engine. 

Mini hatchback reliability and safety

The Mini Cooper Hatch received four out of five stars when it was crash-tested by Euro NCAP. Euro NCAP is an organization that provides consumer information on the safety of new cars.  Adult protection was rated at 79%, child protection at 73% and pedestrian protection at 66%, with a 56% score for safety assist.

All Minis come with Mini Teleservices and Mini eCall, this monitors and oversees the car’s state and can alert the emergency services if the car is involved in an accident.

Author: Omega Fumba

JCW GP Limited edition unleashed

Date Published: December 2, 2020

Since the ownership of Mini by BMW in the 90s, the Mini Cooper has had great amounts of success.

The Mini has built a great reputation of very capable compact performance cars.

The Mini JCW

The JCW acronym stands for John Cooper Works. Two-generations of JCW have been available in South Africa, with the first in 2005, followed by a second generation in 2013.

The JCW is an award-winning model with engines of up to 228 horsepower. The John Cooper Works line was created for car enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in performance engineering.

The JCW GP has a limited supply

The latest Mini JCW GP has been confirmed for South Africa. South Africa was only able to secure a supply of 38 cars.

For a car with so much exclusivity, you need to be prepared to dig deep into your pockets.

The Mini JCW GP costs R809 488. This car is yet to be the most expensive Mini Cooper to be sold in South Africa. 

Mini JCW GP: Is it worth the cost?

The JCW GP has huge 355mm front brakes. With bolder fenders and an enormous rear wing, the car definitely demands attention.

If you take a glance inside this Mini, you will realize that there are no rear seats. The rear seats have been replaced with a bright red strut brace. Despite the vehicle’s hatchback profile, this Mini is strictly a two seater.

The JCW GP’s suspension has been dropped by Mini Coopers engineers, lowering it’s centre of gravity. BMW provides the two-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which produces 225kW and 450Nm.

The JCW engine features include new twin-scroll turbocharger running greater boost pressure, a reinforced crankshaft with a larger main bearing, lighter pistons, new connecting rods, a redesigned vibration damper, a larger sump and greater cooling potential.

The JCW GP is a front wheel drive vehicle only available as an eight-speed automatic.

Author: Omega Fumba