JCW GP Limited edition unleashed

Date Published: December 2, 2020

Since the ownership of Mini by BMW in the 90s, the Mini Cooper has had great amounts of success.

The Mini has built a great reputation of very capable compact performance cars.

The Mini JCW

The JCW acronym stands for John Cooper Works. Two-generations of JCW have been available in South Africa, with the first in 2005, followed by a second generation in 2013.

The JCW is an award-winning model with engines of up to 228 horsepower. The John Cooper Works line was created for car enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in performance engineering.

The JCW GP has a limited supply

The latest Mini JCW GP has been confirmed for South Africa. South Africa was only able to secure a supply of 38 cars.

For a car with so much exclusivity, you need to be prepared to dig deep into your pockets.

The Mini JCW GP costs R809 488. This car is yet to be the most expensive Mini Cooper to be sold in South Africa. 

Mini JCW GP: Is it worth the cost?

The JCW GP has huge 355mm front brakes. With bolder fenders and an enormous rear wing, the car definitely demands attention.

If you take a glance inside this Mini, you will realize that there are no rear seats. The rear seats have been replaced with a bright red strut brace. Despite the vehicle’s hatchback profile, this Mini is strictly a two seater.

The JCW GP’s suspension has been dropped by Mini Coopers engineers, lowering it’s centre of gravity. BMW provides the two-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which produces 225kW and 450Nm.

The JCW engine features include new twin-scroll turbocharger running greater boost pressure, a reinforced crankshaft with a larger main bearing, lighter pistons, new connecting rods, a redesigned vibration damper, a larger sump and greater cooling potential.

The JCW GP is a front wheel drive vehicle only available as an eight-speed automatic.

Author: Omega Fumba