Get to know your BMW

Date Published: January 31, 2021

Get to know your BMW

Are you a BMW owner or a hardcore fan? BMWs have some of the most advanced features in the world.  Here is a list with some of the best technological BMW features:

  • Adaptive LED lights
  • BMW Brake Dust
  • BMW Key FOB operation
  • Working your Wipers
  • BMW Service Indicator 
  • BMW Climate Controls
  • BMW Apps
  • Connecting your iPhone and your BMW
  • Connecting your Android and your BMW
  • How to program your BMW key: BMW Cartridge Key (BMWs with a keyhole in the dash)
  • Remote Key Re-Initialize
  • BMW Garage Door Opener Instructions

Adaptive LED lights

The adaptive LED lights were first introduced on the BMW 7 Series in 2012.  This feature is now also available with Xenon headlights on the all new BMW 3 Series.

BMW Brake Dust

BMW brakes offer superior stopping power. However, brake dust can accumulate on the wheels over time.  Even though you may have to make a few more visits to the carwash, the brake dust is a worthy consequence for better safety.

BMW Key FOB operation

The newly redesigned BMW X5 key fob includes person profile settings such as;

  • Locking preferences
  • Mirror positions
  • Memory buttons
  • Seat positions
  • Climate control
  • Navigation views
  • Multimedia settings 

For more instructions on the BMW Key FOB, click here.

Working your Wipers

Learn how to work your BMW wipers.  This video illustrates how to activate the wiper function, set different wiper speeds, activate the rain sensor and turn on the wiper jets.

BMW Service Indicator

iDrive allows you to track your next BMW service date and understand what kind of service is required.  

Here is how this feature works, each time the ignition is turned on, the driving distance or time till the next service visit is displayed in your instrument cluster.  

BMW Climate Controls

Learn more about your BMW Climate Controls feature.  This video illustrates how to activate the different settings of the Parked Car Ventilation feature.

BMW Apps

BMW has an app that you can use to connect to Facebook, Twitter, or web radio into your iDrive display. Click here for instructions.

Connecting your iPhone and your BMW

Modern BMWs allow you to connect your iPhone with your BMW. 

Connecting your Android and your BMW

Modern BMWs have a feature that allows you to pair your Android via bluetooth to your BMW.

How to Programme your BMW key

BMW Cartridge Key (BMWs with no keyhole in the dash)

Simply take the new BMW key fob and hold it against the marked spot on the right side of the steering column. Hold in the start button until it starts the car. 

The start button needs to be pressed the whole time; it could take between 5-20 seconds for the car to start.

Remote key initialize

If a key fails to operate remotely, it will have to be re-initialized (all keys in sequence at the same time)

These are the instructions: 

  1. Get in and “close all doors”
  2. Turn ignition on & off quickly (no more than 5 seconds) to start the process. Next action must take place within 30 seconds
  3. First key – hold down button #2 (unlock) while striking button #1 (lock) three times. Release button #2. Confirmed by door lock operation.
  4. Repeat for second key within 30 seconds of first.
  5. After the last key then cycle the ignition on/off to finalize the process (not necessary to start the engine.

BMW Garage Door Opener Instructions

Did you know that you can program your BMW to act as a garage door opener? Click here for step by step instructions.

Author: Omega Fumba