Out Of Motorplan

Is Your Car Out Of Motorplan?

When you buy a new BM, the car has a “motorplan”. Which means you take it back to BM for all its maintenance and services. And the cost of most of that is covered by BM. So it is  a kind of insurance plus maintenance contract.

A motorplan is usually for three years, for a new car. After that you can extend your motorplan by paying more. Or you can have your car serviced by BM and just pay their normal fees for servicing.

An alternative is to take you car to an approved independent BM specialist workshop like 3 Service Centre.

What is a Motorplan?

A motorplan is a warranty, plus a service plan for a new car. One of the reasons a new car is so expensive, is that it includes all the servicing and maintenance on that car for the first three years. And it acts as a kind of guarantee. If something major breaks on a new BM, then BM has to replace or fix that part.

One of the reasons people are willing to pay so much for a new car, is the peace of mind that if something big goes wrong, they won’t have to pay to get it fixed. Under your motorplan you can get BMW to fix anything from an oil leak to that squeaky noise the window makes!

Car owners usually do have to pay for consumables, even under motorplan. So you will still have to pay for the oil and the oil filter (for example) that your car will get when it is serviced under a motorplan.

What Does A Car Service Plan Cover?

A motorplan will cover most of the big components of your car. It does not cover parts that needs to be replaced because of normal use of the car. So your oil, oil filter, tyres, windscreen wipers, etc. will not be covered by a service plan.

How Does A Car Service Plan Work?

A service plan is simply a lite version of a motor plan. So usually there are less things covered under a service plan. Usually it is for the regular services your car need after a specific amount of time, or a specific number of kilometers.

What Is The Difference Between Warranty And Maintenance Plan?

A warranty can cover you against normal wear and tear. So it is a super super service plan!

At the lower end (and cheaper) you will find a service plan. If you want more cover you go for a maintenance plan. And if you want the best possible option, you choose a warranty as well.

Motorplan Extender

When you get close to the end of your motorplan (usually after the first three years of a new car) BM will most likely offer you an extension to your motorplan. To extend the motorplan you must make a payment upfront. And then you car is covered for one more year.

It is common for the cost of one additional year of motorplan to by R30 000 or more.

Hollard Maintenance Plan

An alternative to buying an extension to your motorplan with BMW, is to get an extended warranty from an insurance provider like Hollard.

Hollard specialise in warranties for cars that has just gone out of motorplan. They cover the major parts of your car, e.g. the engine, gearbox, braking system, etc.

You can add additional benefits like a service extender. With a service extender Hollard will pay the workshop directly for the servicing of your car. Usually this exclude the cost of replacing parts that suffer from wear and tear; like tyres, wiper blades, brake pads, etc.

You can even get Scratch and Dent cover from Hollard. As well as tyre cover.

Motor Plan For Older Cars

If your car is older, then you can still get a warranty, service plan or maintenance plan.

Autoworld offers a plan for vehicles that are less than ten years old, and has less than 200 000 km on the clock. And if the car is not used for commercial purposes or racing!

BM Motor Plan Suspended

Your car’s motorplan can get suspended if the car has been in an accident. Or when the car has been sold, or stolen.

You can get the motorplan reinstated, once the car has been fixed by a BM approved repair centre, and after passing the quality check. Basically it means that BM must be happy that the car is properly fixed and they are willing to take on the motorplan again.

BM Motor Plan Cancelled

A motorplan is cancelled if a car is written off; stolen (without recovery); or modified in a way that breaks the motorplan contract. It is unlikely that a cancelled motorplan will be reinstated.

Wesbank Maintenance Plan

Wesbank also offers maintenance plans and warranties for cars out of motorplan. You can choose from cover for minor damage, up to a full warranty and maintenance plan. You can also get tracker alerts when your car is moved. And tracker retrieve when your car is stolen.