Racing History & Achievements

Andries van Eeden

  • 2001 Rookie of the year, 2nd overall, 2nd Class B
  • 2002 3rd Overall, 2nd Class B
  • 2003 Class B Champion
  • 2004 Class B Champion, 2nd overall
  • 2005 Development year with Class A car, 3rd in Class A
  • 2006 2nd Class A
  • 2006 & 2007 GTi Challenge Vice President

Gerhard van Eeden

Passion for BM starts in the 70’s when his father first bought a new 1972 BM 1800SA and followed that up with a BM 2004.

After coming into his passion for cars and buying a bankrupt car workshop in Parow in 1982, he started a company called Auto Service Centre. It was here that he built a name for himself in the motor industry and it wasn’t long before the motorsport fraternity came knocking.

It all started with race prepping an ex-Tony Viana racing 535i E12 for Fanie Theron. Later Gerhard turned this car back into a road car. He later was asked to be the chief technician for a privately run race team running a E30 323i in Group N. He also prepared a Opel GSI Rally car at this time.

The team later expanded to also running a E28 528i and a MK2 Golf GTi in the Stannic Group N series. Driven by Ernest Viljoen and Geoff Moller respectively.

When the dealer team offerred him the position of Chief Technichian in the BM Junior team he grabbed it. First preparing a then just launched BM 325i Shadowline, driven by Hannes Oosthuizen. This car was followed by the BM 325IS Evo 1 and later the BM 325IS Evo 2. 

It was the endurance (Read Reliablity Races) races that the “Gerhard van Eeden prepped” cars excelled in. With multiple podium showings the “Gerhard van Eeden prepped car” finally won the 9 Hours Endurance race.

When the Stannic Group N series ended, he decided to put his racing technician work on the back burner. Untill 2000 when he got his son, Andries van Eeden, into racing in the popular GTi Challenge. Together they had huge success winning the championship multiple times in, Class B and later Class A.