We Offer The Following Services

Servicing your BMW

Your BMW will warn you (with a little light, and in some cases with a beep when you start your car), that it is time for a service. The date on which you must do your next service, is also displayed on your car’s dashboard.

Book your service with us, by calling or complete the online booking form.

Services are no longer determined simply by looking at the number of kilometers that a car has travelled. Your car has a central computer that monitors all the different parts that might require servicing, or replacing over the life of your car. This computer then warns you when it is time for a service, or when a specific part needs servicing.

We services you BMW as per MBW’s Recommended Condition Based Servicing Schedule.

What is BMW’s “Recommended Condition Based Servicing”?

Your BMW monitors things like brake pads, oil, filters, plugs and coolant. Then it warns you if you need to have the car serviced to replace or check each item. The vehicle also alerts you to do preventative maintenance.

This means that nothing is overlooked, and nothing done is unnecessary. We do the right things, and we do them right.

Each BMW has an onboard system that will warn you when your car need a service. This onboard system talk with our BMW diagnostic equipment, and tell us exactly what parts of your car need servicing.

BMW Diagnostic Equipment

We use only the latest diagnostic equipment, directly from BMW.